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Discovering a True Love

April 19, 2013

Our society has gained a liking for lust, and our love of sports, though perhaps not seen at first, reflects these worldly passions. 

Let us first consider that the most popular sport in America today is football.  Everything in football is totally over the top.  From big hits to cheerleaders, modern-day America is described perfectly in this brutal sport.  Football, complete with its marketing schemes and attractively violent play, is exciting, perhaps arousing even.

Baseball represents what America should be.  I understand that performance enhancing drugs are giving the sport a poor reputation, but more than anything, I’m trying to point out that the nature of the sport itself is innocent. 

There are no cheerleaders in baseball. 

There is very little violent contact in baseball, and violent contact is certainly not necessary for the regular flow of the game. 

These are the two greatest ways that I can find outright innocence in baseball where there is none in football.  Baseball can also be compared with other sports, in that it is not as flashy as other sports.

In the hierarchy of sports, basketball is the king of flash.  Players like Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan made the highlight reel light up with huge jams and other excessively outrageous play.  Baseball is different in that the flashiest play is a home run, which, in many cases, would have never happened had the ball traveled 5 feet short of the fence. 

In other words, the game is simple and functions easily that way. 

There is also a variety in baseball that replaces the mechanical monotony of other sports.  Every ice rink, basketball court, and football field has the same dimensions in pro sports.  However, every baseball field has its own dimensions.  Other sports cannot boast a Green Monster, an ivy-covered fence, or even just a bowl-shaped outfield (as the Polo Grounds had).  Many ballparks seem to be as unique as those that fill their grandstands. 




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